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By Sheldon Stoff,Barbara Smith Stoff

"With deep analyzing in fantasy and literature, one’s cognition turns into as a wealthy mom loam in which spirit can reside and construct that inside fortress, from which the indwelling spirit starts to talk in the course of the mind's eye, the physique, and the mind of the person. through the years, physique, brain, and spirit develop into one. Then this ‘one’ can and infrequently does adventure the merging in the One.
Through the merging of instinct and mind, we'll understand the acceleration of realization that's overtaking us. Functioning inside a kingdom of common wisdom of our oneness will, in the end, turn out to be a lot more uncomplicated than defining ourselves into small groupings of discordant folks and countries. The schooling and evolution of bright groups is our starting job. The production of a global with a common awareness of oneness is our final consciousness.
To act in accord, to make a bridge to new methods of considering, and within the trust that the stated stories of person trips in our stories, and in our awareness, should be of significant value now—at this day and age with the realm in a basic kingdom of war of words and conflict—we supply this file from our personal learn and from inside this body of reflection."

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